Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hats a Nice Sunny Easter hat

The only thing that really allows this hat I made to qualify as an Easter hat is that it's yellow. Ish.
And that I made it around Easter time.
So Sunny Easter hat (and matching scarf of course) it is!!!
This is a close up so you can see how beautiful the wool is
 And here is the Sunny Easter hat itself.
I made it by feel, and must have tried it on a hundred times while making it. I really wanted it to be a big floppy comfy hat, and I am happy with how it turned out.

 I have just realised the scarf is not in this picture, and that given my computer is running sooooooooooo slow this morning and it took me TWENTY MINUTES to upload these four photos, and I am not really renowned for my patience, it will have to wait for another day.

Also I am rearing to go for my morning walk.
And speaking of walks, here are some photos from yesterdays walk.

The moon was still out when I went for yesterday mornings walk and it just looked so beautiful I had to stop and take a photo.
No matter how crazy I looked :)
Anyway, today I am grateful 4 the fact that it is the last day of work before Easter!
Hope everyone has a great day


  1. I love your hat, and I saw the moon yesteray, so big and lovely. Hope you have a wonderful last day of work before a bit of a break.

  2. Lovely colours - you should pop over to my friend Helen`s Blog - `Helen`s Colourful Crochet` - she does amazing stuff and her colours are lovely too. Happy Easter to you.

  3. sorry, forgot to add the link!

  4. Thanks Meredith and Nana. You were right Nana I love Helens blankets!!
    Thanks for that


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