Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cool Runnings Blanket

Well, it's been nearly a week since I posted, and lots has happened.
Daughter No. 1 and I went to an Easter Chocolate Buffet, and ate soooooooooo much chocolate. There was even a huge chocolate fountain, with every single permutation of chocolate you could imagine. It was fantastic!!

But to crochet news, I finished the granny stripe blanket I have been working on for some time.
This blanket I believe has taught me the meaning of patience. And I have really really enjoyed the ride!
As each stitch along each row bought me such a small incremental way towards the end, I got such a sense of pleasure from the slow progress that was occurring. I also really felt the concept of something being made with love.
Anyhoo, enough chat, here it is in its new home, looking quite happy with itself.
This is the armchair I do all my crochet in, and I love it, it's super comfortable, but it's starting to show just how much it has been loved!! I inherited it from my grandmother via my sister, it extends all the way out so I can sit with my feet up, crocheting in very comfortable style.
And how handsome does it look now??

This blanket began as a cushion cover

But then I fell in love with it...................and to be honest, I had totally misjudged when measuring the sides of the cushion it was to be for!!!!!!!!!!!
So instead, it slowly but surely became a blanket. Once the big decision had been made, it was then going to become a huge blanket, but common sense prevailed, and it became a lap blanket, whose whole purpose was to be to cover the back of my chair.

Here it is, popping out to the back verandah for a bit of sun.

And here it is, having a rest on the exercise bike where lots of it was made. (until it became too weildly to continue making on there).

And here it is in close up. I just love the colours I used on this, and hence it's name.
Daughter No.1 was looking at it one day, and said "It looks kind of Jamaican", so obviously it was a short skip and jump from there to become my "Cool Runnings" Blanket.
Hope everyone is enjoying the extra days off


  1. Lucky Ducks with all that chocolate! What a great name for your blanket and great colours too. Most of mine start off as cushion covers but I have exactly the same philosophy as you when it comes to crocheting - it`s my little bit of peace on earth for me!Happy Long Weekend to you too. x

  2. The blanket looks great, and I bet you will be even more cozy in that wonderful chair with it on your lap. Have a great day,


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