Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Beautiful Morning

It's such a beautiful morning here. I woke early, looked at crochet blogs, then went for a walk. The weather was perfect, the air was fresh and crisp, no magpies swooped me! When I got home, I just looked at my stash, and felt so happy.
 Grateful 4:  Today my husband and I are going away for the night and leaving the rest of the family with others. it's our wedding anniversary tomorrow. So excited!!


  1. Hello, welcome to blog land. I found your blog from your comment on attic24. I too am new to bloging and to crochet although it has been a long journey with the crocheting and not nearly as productive as your first month. I look forward to following your journey and am pleased that i am not the only one making lumpy misshappen crochet.
    Happy Hooking
    Claire http://findingmymeness.wordpress.com/

  2. Thanks for the comment and nice to meet you :)


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