Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Crochet Mojo Returned!!

Hello! Hope you are all well, happy, and enjoying life to the fullest.

I am very happy to report that this week, thanks to the lovely Pip Lincoln from Meet Me at Mikes, who blogged here about some amazing crocheted lamps, I have had my crocheting mojo return in full force. Thanks Pip, you rock!!! 
And not just for that, if you have never checked out her blog, you must go there now- it's awesome!!

I was sitting reading blogs, and came across that particular post, and became consumed by the need to have a go at making my own crocheted lampshade. And this is it!

It's a wee bit wonky, and I think I may try again, but for now I love it, and I love what it means to me.
I have missed that fervent excitement you get when you think- I just have to see if I can make that now, and you don't, or can't stop until it's done!!

Did I mention I am super happy about this?

Also, side note, I'm not the best photographer in the world, and it turns out, not so good at taking photos at night. Of lights!!

But I really, really love it! To make it, I just chained until it fit around the light shade, (I think I should have been more careful as I went, as it actually ended up a  lot bigger than the actual shade,) and then just did grannies, till I covered the length, then sewed it together and added a bit of fringing to enhance the light affect.

So, in other news, I completed the rogaine with my brother on Saturday.  The short version is : It took us seven hours and forty minutes of non stop walking, 5 hours in the pouring rain, it was freezing temperatures, there were bulls in paddocks, and I saw a deer!! Which was the highlight of the day!! We also got kind of lost. But it was absolutely awesome, and I hurt in places I didn't even know existed for a few days. Actually I'm still a bit stiff!!

On to reading, linking in with Ginny for her Yarn Along,  I am happy to report that this week I have been reading a book that I absolutely am adoring! It's called "Lets pretend this never happened", and is by Jenny Lawson,  who is also known as the Blogess. I love her work, and I love this book. It is heart breakingly funny. If you haven't heard of her, or read her work before, check out this post, it's one of my favourites!

And check the size of my blanket!!! I have actually been working on it this week, as it was 2 hours travel to the race on Saturday, so I got a lot done on the way there, none whatsoever done on the way home, as we were too busy recounting stories of narrowly escaping bulls, and maybe sleeping!! I'm linking in with Tami for WIP Wednesday

And this last photo is one of my shawl, which was draped over my exercise bike, and when I got up this morning, the sun was hitting it, and it just looked so beautiful that I had to take a photo to show you all it's sunny happy goodness.
Anyhoo, hope the rest of your week is lovely, take care


  1. I just love your enthusiasm for your craft!Well done on your lampshade and all your other endeavours, including the rogaine (I have no idea what that actually is but I get the gist!). Your blankets are very pretty. Keep going.x

  2. ps Forgot to say, thank you for popping over to mine and leaving your sweet comment.

  3. Yes... This is my style.. I will make this.. Good good idea.. Thank you...

  4. Cool lampshade, what a great idea, I love how you wanted one and just did it, that's the brilliant thing about crochet isn't it.

    So brilliant that you managed the race, it sounded.....character building! I can't run at all, so I'd be rubbish, but getting out in the great outdoors is good for the soul....and despite sore muscles at the end you can give yourself a huge pat on the back for doing it! Do you reckon you'd do it again?

    Have a brilliant week....x

  5. Keep losing my comments! Sorry for above one. It was meant to say I love your striped blanket. Thanks for commenting at my blog, I laughed re the karaoke!!! Xxx

  6. Love the crochet lampshade, what a funky idea. Blanket colours are wonderful.
    Congratulations on completing your race, sounds a bit 'extreme'!!!

  7. Fun lampshade, great walk with your brother and lovely blanket. You are really getting a lot done, sore muscles and all.

  8. The blanket looks lovely so far, and the lampshade is really cool. What a fun idea - I may have to try it.

  9. Your lampshade is awesome - no need to apologize for your photography, you've done great! Your enthusiasm is infectious. I want to crochet one myself now.

  10. Omigosh! I want a crocheted lamp! I must give it a shot!

  11. Wow you have been busy! Loving the crochet lampshade!!!

  12. You have just spurred me on to making my own crochet lampshade cover!! I have been meaning to make one for an aaage!! Your's looks totally fab.... Great colours and love the tassles too.

    Have a great weekend :)

    Louise xx

  13. Love the pretty lampshade - sure looks happy hanging out there!
    Your blanket is gorgeous the colours are so perfect together.
    Enjoy your new found Mojo.

  14. What a wonderful post! That lampshade is amazing and I agree that Meet Me At Mikes is a fab blog. I must also say that I am SO impressed by the fact your completed the rogain with your brother. You are trully an inspiration.


  15. Welcome back crochet mojo. I awarded you the Sunshine Blog Award!! All the best Crochetapy


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