Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Valentines Day Swaps

I hope the title of this post does not mark my blog out as "one of interest" for some of the creepy sites that seem to pop up whenever I take a glance at my stats!!

Anyway, I participated in two blog swaps for Valentines day. I have decided to stretch and push myself a bit this year, and have never done a blog swap before, so jumped in with both feet.

Gem at Gem's Country Life Dream and Becky at Strumpets Crumpets were both kind enough to host swaps. In Gem's I was paired with the lovely Kimberley at Creative Chaos and in the Strumpets Crumpets one I was lucky enough to score  Natalie from Sylvia Louise handbags. Natalie has two shops, one for her designer handbags which you can check out here, and one called Fly a Kite that sells handmade cards and other lovely things, check it here.

Because I can be a tad forgetful, I forgot to take photos of what I sent Kimberley before I wrapped it! So you will have to take my word that it contained some lovely Cath Kidston goodies, some nice yarn, and at least I remembered to take a shot of this:

I know its fine to post about this, as we both received our swaps within days of each other.
And this is what I was lucky enough to receive from Kimberley

apologies Mr Deer is sideways, lets blame a bad nights sleep and not sheer laziness!

This adorable deer plate. I had mentioned I was fond of deer (too much Bambi as a child), and Kimberley was lovely enough to find this beautiful plate. I actually gasped with delight when I opened the package. I love it. And Mr Deer has pride of place next to my computer, next to my bunnies, so I can see him and smile whenever I do!

Next, I was lucky enough to open this amazingly soft squishy yarn, made in New Zealand.  I cannot wait to make something lovely with this!!

And lastly, the lovely Kimberley also included some lush smelling soap, and this beautiful washcloth she crocheted from organic cotton. Can't wait to use both!!
Thank you so much Kimberley!

I have to say that if the swap I had with Kimberly was anything to go by, it was extremely fun and enjoyable. I enjoyed the making and buying and waiting and excitement.

Now I will just be excitedly waiting by the mailbox, and hoping that Natalie likes what I sent her, which I will post about when she receives it.
You really should check out her shops- they are amazing, and her bags are fabulous! I have an insane crush on the red messenger bag, but all of them are just beautiful.

And of course, since it's Wednesday, and I've been making things, and also reading, it's time to link up with the Yarn Along at Small Things
This week I'm reading another book by new author crush- Liza Marklund, and loving it.

 And on the making front I'm making a surprise for an upcoming Pay It Forward giveaway I will be having to celebrate my one year blogiversary. It's on April 3. Yes, I like to plan ahead! It's who I am.

Also, thank you soo much to    Lucy in the Sky,  Barbara at Crochet: Made in K-Town and  laydilike at crohetapy who have all  kindly given me blogger awards. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it!


  1. Lovely post, that dear plate is sooooo great. It has put a smile on my face to read your post this morning. take care and have a good day. Katie xx

  2. Lovely swap things, such a cute plate!

    Thanks for visiting mine!
    Gill xx

  3. Hi, the deer plate is gorgeous, I love it!
    I am so sorry about the emails. I am trying to sort the problem out, but not sure how as most safety measures are preventative. I think i will probably have to close my account. Tracy xxx

  4. Lovely swap and good for you on the awards. You deserve them!

  5. Swaps are always good fun!

    Pomona x

  6. i only did one, and i mailed it out soooo late. i always feel so guilty!

  7. Thanks for swapping with me! And for mentioning my shops! It has been great getting to know you!

  8. Oh! I am so late at reading this - only today! Quite behind with everything in my life! I am so glad you loved everything in our swap and I adore what you have made with the wool too! Off to update my blog - very behind in that too!


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