Friday, 10 February 2012

Pay It Forward Giveaway-Awesome Presents Received

I can't remember if I told you about this before.
I fear I may have forgotten to as I was on holiday when I found out the amazing news.

I was lucky enough to be a winner when the lovely and super talented Kate, from Signed With an Owl had a Pay It Forward giveaway.

The deal is, in case you have not read about these before, is you win one, then you have a giveaway of handmade goodness, and you have three winners, and they all have giveaways, and their winners have giveaways and on it goes.

I love the concept, as it's a kind of mix between random acts of kindness and rainbows and sunshine, all of which I like!
So today was the eagerly awaited day when my box came.
I may have been so ridulously excited by its arrival that I may have been half an hour late for work!
So worth it but!!!

First thing I opened was this beautifully wrapped  and beautifully made rug mug. One of the most adorable things about getting all this goodness was the sweet tags on everything, explaining the purpose, how and why each object was  made.

Next thing to open was my absolute favorite!!!!

A perpetual calendar!!! AND.... sweetest of all, Kate made it in rainbow colours because of the rainbow crochet background on my blog!!!

I seriously adore this so much!!!
How could you not!!!

The blocks are made of leftover scraps of Douglas Fir.

Next was this beautiful wood turned tea light candle holder made from mahogany leftovers.
It is beautiful!!

Here it is with the beautiful handmade card Kate also gave me.

yes, I wish I swept the steps first

So very much.
This whole pay it forward lark is fabulous, this has given me so much happiness, and I am looking forward to having my own giveaway in April, to hopefully continue the ongoing chain of happiness!
Have a good weekend!


  1. You are so lucky. Your all gifts are so sweet. I like all of them. You have so good friends. All best wishes for you....

  2. Ah this is lovely and what gorgeous gifts. Well done you!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message at mine, really really sweet of you.
    Yes I feel better about things already.
    How are you and are you planning good things for the weekend?
    x x x x x x

  3. How lovely - such a wonderful selection of gifts x

  4. You are so very welcome!! I'm so glad you like everything, and I hope you have as much fun with your giveaway as I did! (Your garden gnome is cute!)

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Its a great feeling when you win something, such a tonic. I think the give away is a good idea as more people get a chance to win and get that feel good factor......xx

  6. What a wonderful gift and a great idea. Love the mug rug.
    Happy Weekend,

  7. SUCH a good idea! and what treats you got!
    Have a happy weekend...fee x

  8. Beautiful - what a lovely thoughtful parcel - you must have felt such joy when you opened it x

  9. Aww! :D
    I've had a rough day and night, and your comment really made me in a much better mood. Thank you! *hugs*

    I love those beautiful squares! It makes me even more inspired to crochet a blanket soon!

  10. Lucky you to receive such super gifts from Kate!
    She's such a clever sausage, isn't she?!
    Have a great weekend.

  11. whta a lovely lot of gifts...lucky you!


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