Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Stop....It's Cushion Time!

Happy Wednesday! I hope the week is treating you kindly, and all is well in your world.
I have finished my holiday, and am back at work.
I thought I would try and shrug off the back to work woe by showing you some of the cushions I've been making for gifts.

The round one is for my bestie, whose birthday it is on Friday, and the square one was for my sister, whose b-day was Sunday

As you can see I have been experimenting with adding doilies to the cushion covers. I am not the best sewer, so some of these look a little wonky. I was going to add some old buttons as well, but thought that might make the cushions uncomfortable to sit/lie on. What do you think?

In other news, I have a new drastically shorter haircut. My hairdresser promised me that if I went with his suggestion- it would take 10 years off me, and accentuate my cheekbones. As soon as I heard those two phrases, I shamelessly agreed, even though I have been growing my hair for such a long time.
I really like it, he was right, and it's so much easier to style now!
So hurrah for awesome hairdressers.

I have also seen a few movies over the last bit of my holiday. The Muppets Movie amazingly awesome!! I loved it to pieces! On a different note, I also saw the remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which I was very much predisposed to hate, as I loved the Swedish original. However, it totally surprised me and was fantastic!!!
Along with everyone else in the world, I've read the trilogy and loved it, so was very very happy to enjoy the remake.

It has been raining ridiculous amounts here. This was one of the few mornings lately where it did not. The ducks were enjoying respite from the rain. 

And finally, I guess you're ready for some Yarning Along, this week I'm reading Red Wolf by Liza Marklund.. I recently discovered this author. She's Swedish, and I love her work. I've been reading quite a few Swedish authors lately, and am discovering I very much would like to travel there.

Anyway, this book is great, and I am looking forward to reading more of her work.
On the making front, I havent really committed to anything new, and have just been faffing about with bits and bobs. Hopefully I'll have a new project soon to show you, but right now, work is sapping all the thinking out of me.:(
Take care

P.S. I bought all these buttons!


  1. Love your cushions,I love doileys and think they look great.Well done on the haircut,doesnt it make you feel great to get a new style.hugs juliexxx

  2. I think the doilies work very well indeedy - they add a vintagy feel to your makes :)

    Looking forward to seeing the muppets when it is released here!

    Love the button collection.
    Have a lovely week.
    Leah x

  3. very beautiful cushions. I like all of them so much. In these days I am making crochet cushions too. I finished the one. Maybe I can finish the other this night. I tihnk cushions are the most decorative objects for homes.. Best wishes..

  4. Liking the cushions a lot. The doillies are a fabulous addition. I think adding the odd button would be absolutely fine.

  5. Loving your crochet and your fab buttons collection, sometimes I look in charity shops and buy clothes just for their button!! I know...tad weird:-)

    I've got long brunette hair, I've had this style for years and I've got an appointment with my hair dresser in a few weeks time, I want to be brave and have something completely different, what's the betting I still only get a trim!!!


  6. I love your cushions, I think they are beautiful, great idea with the doilies. I am busy snapping up doilies when ever I find them :) Now I do believe I know what some of them are destined for.

  7. Love the cushions, really brilliant! The doilies are a clever idea too.

    Are you a teacher as you are back now after a while off?

    You'd not be surprised to hear I have not read that trilogy you mention!

    Anyway, hope the sun begins to shine again and that you settle back into work without it zapping all your crafty time and energy.take care.x

  8. I can't help thinking, that as you are sooo busy making and reading, when do you sleep?
    And by the way i would love to see that haircut.........xx

  9. Your cushions look wonderful, what lovely presents. I love buttons and think that so long as they are not too big they will be lovely on the cushions.

  10. Lovely cushions! They're so colorful. I think the doilies look great!

  11. i love the cushion at the top! so good!


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