Friday, 3 February 2012

Cushion update: To Button or Not to Button

Hello and happy weekend.
Last post I asked you all if I should add buttons to some crocheted cushion covers I had made, or if you thought that would make them uncomfortable.
Thank you very much to all who responded, (Go Blogtopia!!!)
and the response  was definitely "do it!"
So I did it, and here it is:

I am really happy with how it turned out.
In the interests of truthfulness, it was not actually I who did it, but rather my sweetie.

I am appallingly badly at finicky things like threading needles.....and sewing buttons, whereas his fine motor skills are amazing from all that painting of models he does.
So anyway, he sewed on the buttons, and I am loving them.

In other news; do any of you have any idea what on earth this is?

I don't know what it is, but I did know I liked it!
Found that at a shop during this mornings ventures.

Also found these- so reminded me of my childhood

also forgot to show you this, I had promised/threatened my friend I would make her a crocheted bikini for her birthday, so I made this, and glued it on a card

And finally I will love you and leave you with these photos from the walk and bike ride the small one and I took this morning.

Oops, nearly forgot I wanted to show you this:
my youngest daughters other favourite song: Somebody I used to Know by Gotye.
Check it out- it's really really good.

 I've linked to a live version, as I wasn't sure everyone was ready for the original youtube one- but check it out if you're interested, they both have great body paint on


  1. You are living very beautiful place I think when I saw the photos. You are very lucky. And pillows you know I like pillows so much. Thank you for your comment for my pillows on my blog. I am watching you very closer dear my friend. Thank you very much...

  2. Oh yes! The buttons look great. You can't go wrong with buttons! Love the bikini top card. xx

  3. Love the pillows they look great. Is that Holly Hobby I spy on the cups? I was obsessed with everything Holly Hobby when I was little.
    Happy Weekend,

  4. Fab, looks great!!

    Love the little bikini and I aored Holly Hobby when I was small, keep looking out for stuff around here but am never lucky xxxx

  5. lots going on here, love the cushion, love the Holly Hobbie cups and no I don't know what your mystery object is!

  6. Your cushion looks great with the buttons! I agree they would not be too comfy on your back....however they do look so flippin pretty! What a great find Hollie Hobbie!

  7. I so love this track, shared with me by my biggest boy! The you tube video is really clever I think. Dreamy sound. :-)

  8. A magnificent cushion! Congratulations! When in doubt add buttons, I say!

    Have a beautiful and inspiring week.


  9. Your cushion looks lovely!

    Pomona x

  10. Lovely cushions! ^.^
    And I love the bikini card!

  11. Ooh Holly Hobbie!!! Gorgeous. I saw a HH jigsaw in a cherry tree shop t'other day and didn't get it. now I am regretting it. But the Princess looked at me as if I was nuts and said: "Mum, it's a jigsaw with some rag doll on it. WHY would you want that?" She would NEVER understand!
    Loving your cushion covers too, clever as always!
    xx x x

  12. I LOVE the Holly Hobby dishes!!!


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