Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Spot of Art (Pun Intended)

Happy weekend everyone. 
Our weekend involved a trip to the Art Gallery, where we saw this tiny world in the children's section....

It was called "We miss you magic land"

The details in this were mesmerising. It was based on a 13th century French concept, that's as much as I remember, but it was amazing, and very much enjoyed by the shortest member of our family and myself.

You could lie on cushions and look up at these.. it was very relaxing

The following section of the exhibition was unfortunately the one where I didn't realise you couldn't take photos until I was tersely advised so by staff, who were a little too vigilant for my liking.

Snapped these two off before I was caught in my grand act of rebellion.

Edited to Add: I feel compelled to add that by snapped I meant take a photo of, not that I disfigured a piece artwork. I reread this, and thought it made me sound like a vandal

 I love this sign, it's out the front of the gallery, and if my memory serves me correctly, was the first installation when the new gallery opened. (I may however have made that fact up- not too sure actually)

Now on to the spots. I loved this room so much!!!
It's called the Oblivion Room. As you enter the room, which is huge, aided by the use of mirrors, you are handed a sheet of spotty stickers, and invited to place them wherever you choose. 

One of my favourites was the 80's looking boom box

And the horses, a firm favourite of course

For some reason, probably because we were sitting on them, I forgot to take photos of the lounges, which were also of course covered in spots.
They were also extremely comfortable.
The friend I went with and I sat for ages on them whilst the shortest daughter did her bit for the art world.
When she tired and wanted to leave we did the obligatory (for me) " Oh no, someone has put glue on the chair and now we're stuck and can't move!"

Then after an exhausting morning of looking at art and putting spots everywhere, we had to collapse and have lunch at the library restaurant next door.

Now we're home in time to read the paper, and maybe watch "Shrek the Halls' before bed.
Hope you all had/are having  a lovely weekend.

If anyone is interested in reading more about any of the exhibits etc, here is a link Yayoi Kusama


  1. Love all the art work especially the spotty room - like the concept of getting the public involved in creating art. That magical world for children is amazing too. I must visit my local art gallery soon as not been for quite some time.

    Leah x

  2. It looks like you went to another planet. I love the spots, I may do that at home...because I have waited years for a living room make over, this could be just the peaceful protest I need and I have your photographs to prove how 'Cutting Edge' it really is :) x

  3. What a fun day, boy all those spots are making me dizzy. Hope your evening was relaxing.
    Hugs to you,

  4. I love the Magic Land, what a neat display of art. It reminds me of the game Candy Land. So neat! Those spots are really neat too.
    Thanks for sharing,
    xo Susan

  5. Oh my!! I love all the spots and the colours.

    I love your picture rebellion!

  6. omigod! i love it all!!!!! i want my own spotted room!


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