Saturday, 12 November 2011

Fairy tutorials

have a tiny girl who loves fairies, and lots of nieces who also love fairies, and I am  often called upon to tell rambling fairy stories to them, and am somewhat of a fairy expert in their eyes. Given that I am also trying to do the whole handmade present thing lately, I thought I would share with you some of the stuff I've been making for said fairy loving girls. 

I thought I'd show you how I made a fairy crown, or wreath, and a fairy bed. 
Both of which have already been gifted, and very much enjoyed. 

Please note however, that I can't read crochet, so this will be quite the basic tutorial, along the lines of:: "crochet a straight line."
So, lets begin.
Step One: Crochet a straight line!
I did mine in a thick green wool, as I'm going for the flowery fairy crown or wreath look. I used my daughters head to size the length. This is the head band you will attach the flowers to.

Then, I crocheted six flowers.

Sewed the flowers to the base of the headband.

I had some bells lying around, so sewed bells to the middle of some of the flowers, so that when the fairy is wearing her crown, and shakes her head, you will hear bells pealing. 

Keep attaching the flowers evenly.

Then, when you have attached all the flowers, sew the ends of the headband together, and Ta-dah, a fairy headband! Or Fairy Crown! Or Fairy Wreath!
Whichever your young fairy prefers.

As I was taking the above photo, I realised I should take a photo of the quilt in Daughter#2's room.
My Mum made quilts for all my children when they were born. I love this one.

So, the next thing I made was a fairy bed box. The first one I made I forgot to photograph before it was gifted. This is one I had to make, as Daughter#2 loved her cousins so much, I had to make another for her!!
So, grab either a wooden or cardboard box. I used wood for the first, but this one is just a cardboard box. I then cut out pictures of fairies from an old fairy book I scored from a charity shop, and decoupaged the box.

Crocheted a tiny fairy pillow.

And a tiny fairy blanket.

 Snuggle the fairy in with her fairy pillow and blanket, pop the lid on, and ta-dah, Fairy Bed!

The first one I made, I didn't actually include a fairy, as one of the games I play with daughter#2 and her cousins, is quite an elaborate fairy game in which we all have our own imaginary fairies (mines is called Sylvia!), and I called the box "Leafy's magic Fairy Box"  and left it up to Leafy's owner to imagine her snuggled in to her pillow and blanket.
It has apparently worked quite well!


  1. I have boys, I would love to come and play fairies! I get tired of sci fi, ninjas and wrestling. I might have make myself a fairy flower crown with bells on!

  2. Love your ideas....I'm with inthesky though, having three boys my life is filled with guns, wrestling, star wars and smells!

    I would quite like a crown myself with bells on it! Maybe I should indulge myself!

  3. I have boys too but the great thing is, one of them has blessed me with a darling grandaughter! I`m off to make a Fairy Crown right now! Thanks for sharing. x

  4. You are such a wonderful Mother, I am sure the girls are thrilled with every wonderful thing you make for them. Love the crowns, I would like one myself as I am Queen of my house!
    Hugs to you,

  5. Fairy headbands, wonderful idea. My little girlie would love, love, love one of these, thank you!

  6. Those fairy head bands are STUNNING!!! How very cute! I wish I knew how to crochet flowers, wanna tell me in your own plain terms as I can't read patterns either!
    When you say "crochet in a straight line" do you mean AFTER you've done the basic chain stitches...
    Oh I am so crap, I can't grasp it.
    The fairy bedding is adorable, love.
    My Princess is 8 tomorrow and STILL well and truly believes in fairies. God I love her innocence.

  7. LOVELY!
    Clever you!
    Just off for a catch up of your newer posts!


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