Saturday, 19 November 2011

Busting out some 1970"s mega crochet from the "Family Crochet Book"

"Hey Ladies!"

"Who us?"

                                               "We're just chilling in our awesome bathers."

"Like my cravat? So do the ladies!"

                                              "I don't know why the children always run when I wear this hat!"

I've got nothing for this spectacular pair of crochet earrings, or the rest of the awesome photos I found in The Family Book of Crochet, 1972, today. I will leave you to invent  captions for the rest of these fantastic pictures yourselves...Enjoy

I hope your weekend is great, and that you decide to make something from this collection, that is if you're not already wearing one of these spectacular numbers. Personally, I've dressed my entire family in matching ponchos. They love them! 


  1. Oh my word, I've got the same book!! Got it in an antiques shop here in SA, and had to laugh at some of the pictures! But...some could well be adapted and made into something wearable :-)

  2. I have this book too!! It's fab and back in the '70's my Mum did the trouser-suit and the poncho!! They were the height of fashion!!

    S x

  3. OMG there is more than one copy of this book left! There should be a public burning. What a hat! The beaded leggings would make my legs look like a pair of bolster cushions, lord knows what would happen to the seat of them...saggy!

  4. Your post made me giggle :) It reminds me of a book that I own but it is my guide book on how to knit/crochet and I love it! Will have to show some of the picci's in that book too!

    I might add that I really like some of the designs you have shown especially the bags.
    Leah x

  5. Love those crochet flares....I want me a pair!

  6. Love the poncho's, and my big girls all want tem. Not sure granny clusters will do it for them though. Personally I rather like the crochet flares and crop tops, but not on a 40 year old many times birthed mama..... They'd look pretty good as clubbing gear don't you think?
    Love sharing vintage patterns, they're just!!

  7. Do you think 40 years from now people will back at our projects and laugh hysterically?
    Just wondering......

  8. Ah yes, the seventies! What on earth were we thinking of! Strange times.

  9. too funny! I can only imagine how unattractive that swimsuit would look when wet!
    Thanks for sharing
    fee x

  10. These images are too cool - love them all! :-)

  11. I'm not too sure whether to cringe or laugh - 1972 - at least I can say I was only a babe...literally, but I wonder what my mum was thinking with these crafty offerings.

    Nina x :)

  12. Yay, thanks for sharing! :D Love those earrings! ^^

  13. Oh my GOSH!!! I would die for some of those patterns!

  14. LOVEEEEEEEE this post of all the awesome outfits!
    may have to do matching knitting for all of us too, xx


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