Friday, 10 June 2011

Thank you kind bloggers, and the most beautiful purple jug in all the land

I love this jug!
I found it whilst charity//second hand/thrift/insert whichever  term is most applicable to you; shopping.

And I adore it.
You know sometimes you spy something and think; "That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I really don't need it, nor can I think of any useful reason for me to have it/use it....but my life will not be complete unless I have it"?
Or is that just me................................................
I'm fairly sure it's not just me
Anyhoo, back on track for a second. I found this jug which is made in Italy from what I am not quite sure, it's quite heavy, and has an almost pebbled texture. I found it in a second hand shop in the shopping centre across the road from my office, which is closing down. (the shop is closing, not my office)
The best part of the story is that I bought it, along with a few other bits and bobs which got left at work, for the ridiculous price of $1. I almost felt bad paying for it.
When I got it home, I was showing my lovely husband and bemoaning the fact that I did not know why I bought it as I have no real need for it, but that it was just so adorable when it came to me:

The perfect use for it:

It made me ridiculously happy when I thought of this idea.
Normally I keep all my hooks in a little drawstring bag, but this is so much better. They are easily accessible, and just look so pretty!!!

I have no idea why I love this tiny odd little jug so much, but I do. I love the colour, I love the shape, and I love the texture.

All right, I must, must, must stop blithering on about how much I love the jug, or it is possible I may sound a wee bit unhinged.

Before I get to the next lot of pics I want to show, I really want to say a huge thanks to a few lovely bloggers in particular for their lovely comments about my cards, and for giving me the idea to sell them. So,  MereknitsCuckoo . and rosieposie , thanks so much for your lovely words, and for giving me the idea and the courage to open up an etsy store of my own, something I have often thought I would like to do, but had never actually done.
And just in general thank you to everyone who has said nice things, or given advice and suggestions.
I may never sell a thing on it, but I am happy that I have tried something new, and given it a go.
If anyone is interested, it's here
So thanks, thanks, and thanks again, your kind words were super appreciated.

Enough mushy stuff, and on to other things. I was recently pulling out my winter clothes, when I found a blanket my great grandmother had crocheted for me when I was younger. I may have mentioned before that my Gran was the one who taught me to crochet when I was much younger. So there was a real sense of synchronicity and happiness that I felt when I bought it out, and put it on my "crochet chair" next to a rug that I had made.

You can clearly see that my Gran was far far more proficient at crochet than I am, but I still think they look sweet together.

All right, that's it for me, I have the smallest one off to bed, the middle one away at her weekend job, and the eldest one off with his friends, so the Husband and I are going to curl up and watch a movie. Or he will curl up, and I will probably end up on the exercise bike with some crochet in my hands.
I hope everyone's weekend is lovely and filled with happiness xx


  1. Well done sweetpea on your find. It looks like it would sit nicely on the mad hatters tea party (lol) I think it looks perfect houses all your hooks. Well done on your cards, they were sooo delightful. x

  2. The perfect, purple hook jug! :D Lovely!

  3. Have just come accross your blog!

    What a lovely find - I dont usually do very well in charity shops but yesterday I found a lovely set of interlocking jars (will blog about them soon) that will sort out some of my spice collection.

    I love the idea of storing crochet hooks in a pretty jug - might have a go myself!

    Your grandmothers blanket is lovely - and so nice to hear that crochet is a family tradition (as it is in my family too).


  4. I am so glad you decided on the etsy shop, your cards are so wonderful. And I have to say that little purle jug is great and a fantastic place to keep you hooks.
    have a wonderful weekend,

  5. Lovely jug,hun and the hooks look perfect in it.well done on opening the etsy shop.xxxxjulie

  6. wow what a great little find, it is perfect for your hooks!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment too!

  7. Do you know I have never shopped on Etsy. I think I must. Soon. I have grand plans about selling stuff through etsy but `i seem to ony ever have enough time to make the things I'd like for me and my friends/family. MAybe when all kids are at school in 4.5 years time!!!

    No you're not alone. I buy things because I am irresistably drawn to them.


    ps thank you for the mention. That was nice of you.

  8. You must have some MAD skills to be able to exercise and crochet at the same time! Good job! hehe...
    You are definitely not the only woman who looks at something and wants it, no matter whether she needs it or not. I do this daily. :0) My best friend would LOVE the purple jug, by the way. I prefer pink. ;0)


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