Saturday, 25 June 2011

First Noro ever

Good Morning. Or afternoon, or evening, dependant on where you are.

I realised the title of this post is somewhat of a misnomer, as this is not the first Noro ever. However it is the first ball of Noro I have ever bought and used.

And I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have long wanted to try Noro after reading  Alice from post about it.

And to date I have been too lazy busy to get around to looking for it online, as I have not found it any LYS here. So I finally got motivated and bought some, and was ridiculously excited when it arrived. I forget what number colour it was, and forgot to keep the wrap, so sorry, can't tell you. But it's a beautiful mix of purples and pinks and reds. I love how the colours change and meld.

I couldn't wait to start making something with it, and decided because I had only purchased on skein, to make a scarf.

So I made a scarf, but it ended up like one of those really skinny eighties ties.
So I frogged it.

Then I decided it was the right size for a beanie.
So I made a beanie. But somehow it ended up with a weird bobble pointy shape on top and did not look right. And given how much I loved this wool, whatever I made had to be perfect.
So I frogged it again!!!
(noticing a theme here???)

Here it is in its transformation from scarf to beanie.

I tried again, and this time I made a beanie that was perfect, and I am crazy happy with it.
Here it is: Ta Da

 It's perfect, fits perfectly, and is super warm.

In fact I wore it when we went out to a Winter Solstice thingo last night.
There were bands, fire twirlers, a lantern parade, and a huge bonfire at the end.
I will leave you with some blurry out of focus  photos of it, and hope that your week will be superb, and filled with lovely happy things and people.

(Also thanks so much for all the lovely lovely comments on my last post)


  1. I am so glad you loved your Noro. My favorite is Silk Garden, love the colors and the feel of it. Actually the picture on my blog behind my name is a Noro silk Garden wrap I made years ago. I love how Noro blends colors together that you wouldn't think would be right with each other. Once you go Noro it is hard to stop.
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. I agree with Meredith! Once you have tried Noro, little else compares, beware!!! :o)
    Love the colours and your beanie, it would have looked perfect at a solstice party!
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Love ALice XXX

  3. Gorgeous colours; I feel a little yarn-buying may be on the cards for me...
    Emily x

  4. Great hat!! I love the beautiful colors!

  5. Love the colors here! :-)


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