Sunday, 3 April 2011

My First Blog

I feel I should begin this blog with a modicum of truth........................ I am not so good at crochet.
I love it with an overwhelming passion, but I am actually quite crap. Perhaps its the fact that I have just started again after a long long absence, perhaps its that I don't actually know how to use patterns (more of that later), perhaps it's that I get ridiculously overexcited and just start going madly towards something I have seen elsewhere and just have to make it. Whatever it is, my crapness definitely does not negate the fact that I just love to crochet.
I started to crochet again about a month ago, after a friend bought me back a gorgeous crocheted bag and necklace from Argentina, and I kept looking at the bag hanging in my room, and remembering what it was like to crochet when I was about 12, and how much I enjoyed it. It inspired me to eventually go and buy some wool and a hook, and see if crochet would be like riding a bike.
Turns out it is, and it has been a life changing experience!
I would never have guessed that within such a short space of time I would have been freefalling into the world of crochet, and what is possibly even more bizarre to me................nosediving into the world of crochet blogs, a universe I would never have imagined I would visit, let alone become consumed by!
Now I spend days at work surreptitiously checking in to see if Attic24 has made anything new, or my other favourite; Crochet with Raymond has a new post. And my nights are spent either sitting on my armchair crocheting, or "extreme crocheting"..again, more of that later.
 I have been so inspired  by reading peoples blogs, and have made lots and lots of lovely crocheted goodness in my first month of crochet. Here is an assortment of what I have made to date, missing a lot of things I have already given to family and friends.

Since I began I have made many many scarves, including the Attic24 inspired circle scarf, which I gave to my Mum for her trip to Canada, (and which looks nothing like Attic24's lovely scarf, but my Mum loved it anyway)!! I have made bags,  blankets,  flowers- again inspired by Attic24 I want to make the Japanese flower scarf, a couple of beanies and a cushion cover. 

So now to the gratitude component of my blog. I was inspired to start blogging after reading an article in the weekend paper about 365gratitude, a woman who started taking a photo each day of what she is grateful for. I loved the idea, and want my blog to be a mixture of that, and my love of crochet. 
So today's gratitude is ..................I am really thankful I rediscovered crochet and how happy it makes me. 

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