Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Happy June and new projects

Welcome June, welcome!!
I have a feeling June will be a fantastic month this year.

And lets start this wonderful June with a peep at my new work in progress....

This is a (kind of blurry I now realise-oops, sorry) photo of my new Rainbow Stripe Blanket.
I'm making it for my brothers wedding in August, and so far it's just growing at a ridiculous rate.
I have said before that I just love the long slow progress of making a blanket, there is something so peaceful about it.

June has also bought some other changes so far. I went to some twilight markets on the weekend, where there were some fantastic stalls which really inspired me. A couple of the stalls had handmade books and cards and jewellery made from childrens books. And they were adorable.
So I decided to try the card and envelope making myself.
A trip to the old cherry tree store, a couple of copies Enid Blyton's "The Wishing Chair", much slicing and folding and gluing, and this is what we have:

A selection of cards and matching envelopes made by me!!!
I am so pleased with how they turned out.
And it's such an economical recycling thing to do. I bought three old picture books for the princely sum of four dollars, and the above picture shows what I made with less than a quarter of the pages from the first book!!!!
Here is a close up of my favourite card:

How cute is it?

For some reason  I have always loved rabbits (Maybe too many readings of  Watership Down as a child),

And here is my favourite envelope:

Making them really made me happy. I loved searching for the right books, then the right pictures. And next time I will take it a step further, and include the right words as well. On one of the stalls, they had cut out random lines of text from books, and glued themon the cards, with great comedic intent I must say.
So that will be my next goal!

All in all, I am quite suffused with some real positivity about June. I have been making lovely things, work has been OK (I know it's only June 2, but I'm trying to be super positive!!!), and the weather has been beautiful.
So I am hereby saying farewell to the rather annoying rollercoaster that was my May this year. Goodbye to the sadness of losing beloved family pets. Goodbye to the unexpected upheaval of having a stroke (AT41!!!) and having unplanned sick leave and a rather annoyingly long trip to hospital!
So here's to June. I'm going to enjoy you!
I'll leave you with a few photos of my desk at work. My office has far far too many of my treasures in it, but then I spend far far too much time in it


  1. Wow, it sounds like May was very tough, so June is going to be amazing. I absolutely love your cards, they are so fantastic. I would love to see more of them as you go along. Here is to a great June!!!!!!

  2. I love the new look! I left a comment here yesterday, but it not showing. I am having real problems leaving comments. Just wanting to let you know that i loved your post x

  3. Love your new rainbow blanket and the cards and envolopes,very clever:O have a great weekendxx


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