Thursday, 19 May 2011

Let's get Kraken: It's OctoGoggle time!

A while ago when I was researching/wasting time/googling crochet stuff I cam across the most amazing hat in an etsy shop. 
It's called a Kraken of the Sea Scoofie. You can find it here:
I thought it was amazing, and just love the model!!!
I also found a pattern for it on ravelry which you can access here:

However since I have a total inability/block to reading patterns, it's not much use to me.

When I showed the pictures to Son #1, and Husband, they both loved it!

Apparently a Kraken is some sort of mythological creature they are both fond of.  Which was good news for me, as there is a limit of boy things I can crochet for them, and I do like to make stuff for the whole family. 

So I began to experiment. First I made the black beauty you can see below, that was for Son#1,  then I made a smaller one for Daughter#2, who is 3, and loves hers! She refers to it as her Octo-goggles. (She is a fan of Octonauts!) I didn't take a photo of hers, as it is difficult to separate her from it!!
And thirdly I made the orange one for husband, however I still have to crochet the eyes and suckers for the tentacles.

As I was trying to pose them, the cat started to try and pull them off.

It was quite the precarious pose to take these photos, as I had to stand on the arms of the armchair to get them both in.

They were a bit tricky to make, and I must confess that making 3 in a row was quite tiring, the tentacles are quite annoying to make, as there are 8 of them per hat. I may have cheated with Daughter#1's hat, and only made 6 tentacles, however she constantly requests more tentacles, somehow she has found out there aren't 8 on hers!!!!!!!
But given how cute they all look wearing them, I am extremely pleased with making them. And they are a wee bit different.
My next plans involve tinkering a bit more with the idea, and making a kind of Rapunzel beanie, with hair instead of tentacles coming down!
Hope everyone has a relaxing happy weekend


  1. These hats are adorable, I can see how making the tentacles would drive you a bit mad, but it was worth it. I bet your kids look soooooo cute in them.
    Have a great day,

  2. so cool! I bet the kids love them alot.

  3. Well done on the octo hats!sooo cutiexxx

  4. those look like a lot of work. i bet your family is hoot with everyone running around in their octo hats!


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